Urban 39

Boutique apartment 39 square meters in Tel Aviv

The area of the apartment: 39 square meters

Planning an apartment in one of the central and magical streets in the heart of Tel Aviv. A 39 square meter apartment that was originally a one-room apartment and was designed and upgraded to a two-room apartment to a high standard, with careful design and planning, in a modern style. The renovation started with a photo that built the concept of the shades in the apartment and gave inspiration along the way in choosing the finishing materials and textiles. In the project we were given complete freedom in planning the space and in choosing the different shades and materials and in making the decisions. Before the renovation, the apartment was a one-room apartment consisting of two balconies, a kitchenette, a bathroom, a bathroom and a bedroom. In the new design, the balconies were integrated into the house, in order to maximize the area. The large windows give a sense of space and let in a lot of light and air. All interior walls were removed, so that a space free of interior walls will be obtained. Only one constructive page remains.