Luxury Apartment

Luxury apartment in the wholesale market

The area of the apartment: 100 square meters

After about a decade in a duplex in the north of Israel near the sea, the owner returned to the central area to be close to his children and grandchildren. In one of the prestigious projects in Tel Aviv, Gindi's wholesale market, a 100 square meter apartment on a high floor was designed for a doctor who really likes the good life, "The change in lifestyle is huge, everything is within walking distance and there is no need to move the car except to my clinic!". When everything is below This house has the highest level of quality of life available, "only when I moved here, I realized how much it changes the whole perspective", shows, restaurants, cafes, country music and a gym. It all started with a small request: "I want a place that will give me a feeling of home". Before the renovation, the apartment was a standard four-room contractor's apartment that was renovated from the ground up and converted into a spacious three-room apartment.