Featured Projects

Gindi35 TLV

Apartment on the 35th floor in Gindi Towers TLV

The area of the apartment: 150 m2

On the 35th floor of the Gindi Towers in Tel Aviv, above a diverse cityscape of the city that is partly buildings and partly sea, is located the newly designed apartment of a couple. Until the move they lived in Maccabi and now they wanted a modern and minimalist house. The three-room apartment they purchased from the contractor was originally a six-room, 150-meter apartment that was designed with a spacious living space that begins with a unified living room and kitchen and continues to the balcony open to the view. The corridor leads to a study room that is also used as a guest room and a master room that includes the bathroom as a closet and additional guest room as well as a bathroom.

Gindi32 TLV

Apartment on the 32nd floor in Gindi Towers TLV

The area of the apartment: 100 square meters

In one of the luxury towers in central Tel Aviv, Gindi TLV on the 32nd floor. A 120 square meter apartment that was designed and converted from a five-room apartment to a spacious four-room apartment. The apartment was planned on paper from the first stages in front of the project contractor. An apartment designed for a client who frequently travels abroad for work. In this apartment, we were given a free hand in the planning and design of the apartment, while the client was abroad. All the spaces and the layout of the apartment were changed according to the needs of the client. The infrastructure, systems and the division of the spaces were redesigned, completely different from the project's apartment standard. From the first moment, we were given a free hand and planning to pour into The apartment has our taste and style without limitations, with the exception of the required functionality, there were no compromises in the design. The apartment was designed in a modern-clean line and selected temporary materials, free from trends and passing fashions.

Sarona TLV

Apartment on the 19th floor in Migdali Sharona Tel Aviv

The area of the apartment: 120 square meters

A contractor's apartment in Migdali Sharona in Tel Aviv, a 120 square meter apartment, a standard contractor's apartment that they decided to turn into their dream apartment to be used by them and their children and even as an office for both of them. The apartment is on a high floor in the Sharona complex, faces north and overlooks an urban view. The couple were not satisfied with the room A separate room and shower that were placed in the original plan adjacent to the living room, from the original kitchen in the contractor's standard and the closet and bathroom in the master bedroom, which were not used properly. The apartment was remodeled in a modern, clean and temporary style after three months. The kitchen was measured and ordered before the renovation began, and the date of its installation dictated the course of the renovation. The tenants entered the apartment when it was completely ready, when the carpentry and work surfaces were installed and the cleaning company finished its work.

100Square TLV

Apartment in Madinah Square Tel Aviv

The area of the apartment: 100 square meters

A project that is a dream, a planning challenge, design solutions and system integration of all kinds. The connection created with the couple was immediate, from the very beginning they asked us to create a separation between the private and public area for them through proper planning. This was one of their main requests and it was the one that guided us in the planning all along. The house is free of unnecessary walls. The owner of the house likes a warm and colorful house, while the owner of the house preferred a very clean and modern style. The result that was finally obtained is a connection and dialogue between the preferences and desires of each of them. I translated their character and style into a modern house with style. Warm and family touches were introduced through dominant and infinite woodwork, which gives a warm twist to the distinctly modern style.

Queen50 TLV

Apartment in Shelmzion Malka Tel-Aviv

The area of the apartment: 50 square meters

A 50 square meter apartment on the side streets of Milan Square in Tel Aviv that has undergone a makeover, from a cramped one-room apartment to a spacious and bright two-and-a-half-room apartment. In the center is a carpentry unit that separates the public from the private space and is used to hide the air conditioning and media systems as well as for storage. Apartment that was before the renovation A one-bedroom apartment that, as part of a renovation, had all the interior walls destroyed, an apartment that, despite its small area, feels very spacious and pleasant. Due to the size of the apartment, every corner was used optimally and smart storage and space division solutions were provided.

Break time TLV

Apartment on the 14th floor in Gindi TowersTLV

The area of the apartment: 100 square meters

A couple in their 60s who live in the north of the country decided to purchase a vacation apartment in Tel Aviv, where they come on weekends. The apartment is located in a lively place in the TLV wholesale market complex. It was important to the owners of the house that, from a design and practical point of view, the apartment would be comfortable for entertaining Family meals with the children and grandchildren and that it will give a homely feeling.

Modern colors were chosen for the apartment in an elegant color scale of black, white, gray, blue, natural wood and fresh touches of color in textiles, accessories and art.

Havoda 9

Heart of the city

The area of the apartment: 70 square meters

A 70 square meter apartment designed for a couple in one of the central and magical streets in the heart of Tel Aviv. The couple lived in an apartment in their youth and decided to return to the heart of the city after the children left home. It was very important to them to clean the house from the heavy and outdated wood cladding. In the renovation, all the interior walls were removed, so that a clean space was obtained and only constructive columns remained.

A three-room apartment was planned: a living room, a master bedroom, a clinic for the owner of the house and two master and guest bathrooms. The apartment structure is diagonal - challenging to plan.

Luxury Apartment

Luxury apartment in the wholesale market

The area of the apartment: 100 square meters

After about a decade in a duplex in the north of Israel near the sea, the owner returned to the central area to be close to his children and grandchildren. In one of the prestigious projects in Tel Aviv, Gindi's wholesale market, a 100 square meter apartment on a high floor was designed for a doctor who really likes the good life, "The change in lifestyle is huge, everything is within walking distance and there is no need to move the car except to my clinic!". When everything is below This house has the highest level of quality of life available, "only when I moved here, I realized how much it changes the whole perspective", shows, restaurants, cafes, country music and a gym. It all started with a small request: "I want a place that will give me a feeling of home". Before the renovation, the apartment was a standard four-room contractor's apartment that was renovated from the ground up and converted into a spacious three-room apartment.

Urban 39

Boutique apartment 39 square meters in Tel Aviv

The area of the apartment: 39 square meters

Planning an apartment in one of the central and magical streets in the heart of Tel Aviv. A 39 square meter apartment that was originally a one-room apartment and was designed and upgraded to a two-room apartment to a high standard, with careful design and planning, in a modern style. The renovation started with a photo that built the concept of the shades in the apartment and gave inspiration along the way in choosing the finishing materials and textiles. In the project we were given complete freedom in planning the space and in choosing the different shades and materials and in making the decisions. Before the renovation, the apartment was a one-room apartment consisting of two balconies, a kitchenette, a bathroom, a bathroom and a bedroom. In the new design, the balconies were integrated into the house, in order to maximize the area. The large windows give a sense of space and let in a lot of light and air. All interior walls were removed, so that a space free of interior walls will be obtained. Only one constructive page remains.

The White Apartment

The white 37 square meter apartment in Tel Aviv

Apartment area: 39 square meters

An apartment in Nanin from the 1950s, located in the center of Tel Aviv, in the Rabin Square area. An apartment that was originally a one-room apartment with an area of 37 square meters including balconies, and after the renovation became a 2-room apartment. In such a small apartment, the goal is to create a sense of size by using light colors. The manemlist design and the carpentry specially designed for the apartment give the apartment a sense of size. The challenge was to turn a tiny space into a spacious, pleasant home that would meet all the necessary functions for living.

4A Project

Four countries in Tel Aviv

The area of the apartment: 60 square meters

A Tel Aviv bachelor apartment in one of the central streets of Tel Aviv. An apartment where the mother grew up as a child. A 60 square meter two-room apartment that after the renovation became a spacious and luxurious three-room apartment that is fun to entertain, cook and stay in, something about its energy makes those who enter the door want to stay there. Even though the internal division of the house has changed completely, it was important to us to keep two the existing outdoor balconies, and to create an additional bedroom, with the future in mind.We demolished and rebuilt the entire house, the entrance hall and kitchen moved to the hospitality area.

The Garden Apartment

Garden apartment in the green Kfar Saba

The area of the apartment: 140 square meters

A young couple after living in a rental in Tel Aviv for several years contacted me with the purchase of an apartment from a contractor in Kfar Saba Hiroka. In the contractor's apartments, the accompanying and renovation procedure is not short, therefore the process began when the homeowners were a couple and ended as a couple plus two, so that the planning process included the expansion of the future family. The details of the carpentry and furniture were carefully designed with touches of wood, the introduction of warmth through happy colors at the request of the owner of the house. The apartment is located in front of expanses of green vegetation that is obvious from the entrance to the house. The goal was to create harmony by bringing the landscape into the house and to give a sense of continuity with the vegetable garden on the balcony.