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Hi, We are Neta-Li and Tal Noy,

Our office is located in Sarona Towers, Tel Aviv and specializes in planning, designing and managing luxury apartment projects, office buildings, penthouses, villas and contractor flats. We provide our clients with a perfect design experience - from project planning and initial development, consulting, decision-making, on-site implementation to every detail, until the client is fully satisfied.

Selected projects

Gindi35 TLV

Apartment on the 35th floor in Gindi Towers TLV

The area of the apartment: 150 m2

On the 35th floor of the Gindi Towers in Tel Aviv, above a diverse cityscape of the city that is partly buildings and partly sea, is located the newly designed apartment of a couple. Until the move they lived in Maccabi and now they wanted a modern and minimalist house. The three-room apartment they purchased from the contractor was originally a six-room, 150-meter apartment that was designed with a spacious living space that begins with a unified living room and kitchen and continues to the balcony open to the view. The corridor leads to a study room that is also used as a guest room and a master room that includes the bathroom as a closet and additional guest room as well as a bathroom.

Gindi32 TLV

Apartment on the 32nd floor in Gindi Towers TLV

The area of the apartment: 100 square meters

In one of the luxury towers in central Tel Aviv, Gindi TLV on the 32nd floor. A 120 square meter apartment that was designed and converted from a five-room apartment to a spacious four-room apartment. The apartment was planned on paper from the first stages in front of the project contractor. An apartment designed for a client who frequently travels abroad for work. In this apartment, we were given a free hand in the planning and design of the apartment, while the client was abroad. All the spaces and the layout of the apartment were changed according to the needs of the client. The infrastructure, systems and the division of the spaces were redesigned, completely different from the project's apartment standard. From the first moment, we were given a free hand and planning to pour into The apartment has our taste and style without limitations, with the exception of the required functionality, there were no compromises in the design. The apartment was designed in a modern-clean line and selected temporary materials, free from trends and passing fashions.

Queen50 TLV

Apartment in Shelmzion Malka Tel-Aviv

The area of the apartment: 50 square meters

A 50 square meter apartment on the side streets of Milan Square in Tel Aviv that has undergone a makeover, from a cramped one-room apartment to a spacious and bright two-and-a-half-room apartment. In the center is a carpentry unit that separates the public from the private space and is used to hide the air conditioning and media systems as well as for storage. Apartment that was before the renovation A one-bedroom apartment that, as part of a renovation, had all the interior walls destroyed, an apartment that, despite its small area, feels very spacious and pleasant. Due to the size of the apartment, every corner was used optimally and smart storage and space division solutions were provided.


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